I'm a fellow Bison from San Antonio, Texas who had the privileged of graduating from our beloved HU in 1996 with Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio, Television, and Film Production from the School of Communications.

Long before our "most googled searched" Homecoming was announced, I knew I wasn't able to be on the yard due to my extreme fear of COVID-19. Once the dates were posted, I began to prepare myself for vicariously living through my fellow Howardites' Homecoming experiences through group texts, Facebook and IG posts and lives. HU...You Know!!

And then I received the "hybrid" Homecoming email, honestly I felt a since of relief not just because of FOMO (fear of missing out) but most importantly the fear of a massive virus spread at one of my most cherished places in the world...The Mecca!

So this year, it's comforting to know that I'll be in good company when I celebrate our legendary Howard Homecoming safely at Home Again!

I truly appreciate your support! Don't forget to tag IMBRACE Collegiate Designs and use #HUHomecomingAtHomeAgain in all of your social media posts while wearing your tee during Howard's Homecoming!


Monique A. Cannon Broadnax

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